Award winning illustrator, visual artist/educator, Registered Psychotherapist, MPS Creative/Expressive Arts Therapy

"Her signature work employs processes such as carving, molding, etching, scratching, wrapping, sculpted embossing, encaustics, image transfer and stitching work in tandem with a diverse range of materials from handmade paper and woven fabric to distressed wood, found metal and glass. Susan’s sensitive and almost poetic use of materials and processes communicate to us on many levels. Beyond their elicit texture and three-dimensional depth, Leopold’s sculptural works tease the boundaries of space to establish multiple layers of meaning. They transcend their physical presence to establish a direct sensory connection with the viewer. If you love working with materials and unique processes, you will fall in love with Susan’s work, as I have" 

Lisa L. Cyr, author of Art Revolution, available at Amazon.com

Leopold, received a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Michigan, an MA from University of California and a Master's in Creative Art Therapy from Pratt Institute and MSW from Smith College.  Her work has been shown in the USA, Canada and Europe and has been displayed at the Museum of American Illustration, The Art Directors Club, Salmagundi Club and *new gallery, the William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design in “Right Here in the USA” (which the Eisner described as “showcasing work from 24 of the most influential photographers and illustrators in advertising today).” Leopold’s work has been featured in Lisa Cyr’s Art Revolution as well as in The Art of Feminine Drawing, which showcased contemporary illustrators from around the world, I remember Mama, a book based on a two part juried exhibit at the International Quilt Show that traveled internationally and Homage to Jiri Kolar. Her work was featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors a magazine about contemporary collage, Somerset Magazine, Step by Step, Applied Arts, Fiberarts and Legacy.  Leopold has taught illustration and Design at OCAD, Sheridan and Voice Intermediate School.


North Light author, Lisa Cyr interviews mixed-media artist Susan Leopold about using encaustic in new ways and using found objects like fabric, wood and wire in her art. - See more at: http://www.createmixedmedia.com/blogs/mixed-media-alchemy-interview-with-susan-leopold


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